Yoga bag - Wonderland

Yoga bag - Wonderland


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A Wonderland of nature in a symphony of color greets you inside this gorgeous yoga mat bag. The striking lining is a wonderland scene of streams, trees clouds and meadows in a burst of fresh and fluorescent color. It is at once uplifting, intense and feminine. A surprising contrast with the natural minimalism of the textural grey linen outer body of the bag.

:: DESIGN ::

The outer is made from a beautiful textured linen in grey. The lining is made from a limited length of beautiful, abstract and colorful cotton fabric.

Sundara bags feature beautiful and striking linings that contrast with the simple and minimalist initial aesthetic of the piece. The simplicity of the outer opens to the beauty of the inner, in much the same way we recognise as yogis, that the work we do is always on the inside. The stillness and simplicity that we work towards in our practice reveals an inner world that is expansive and extraordinary.

That inner beauty will always shine forth. Plus, it makes me smile every time I open up my bag.

Not only are Sundara bags beautiful, they are spacious and flexible, plenty of room for a large mat such as a Manduka or a loosely rolled up mat. There is even space for a towel and other extras. It opens along the side and easily closes with two big metal snaps. Use the large inner pocket to store keys, phone, wallet and other essentials.

:: UNIQUE ::


Each bag is handmade by me, a devoted yogi, in my studio in Sydney Australia. Wonderland is only one of six made in this limited run.

Sundara bags are made either as part of a limited edition or are one-of-a-kind, each inspired by the texture, color and print of the textiles I source.

They are hand cut and stitched individually with the intention of inspiring the practice of the yogi that will carry it. They are perfectly imperfect.

Om shanti